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It’s interesting to see how some religious minded people will grip tightly to the doom-and-gloom narrative when they realize their numbers are slipping away to genuine enlightenment. For some reason, they’ve forgotten how many Christians there are in this nation. You want a taste of persecution? Try being an Atheist.

I’ve yet to encounter a SINGLE person on the ‘Left’ who has ever said they want to take away the rights of the religious. I wish I could say the same the other way around.

We have laws for a reason. If we don’t like them, we can change them. Just because we don’t agree with your flavor of medicine, doesn’t mean we want to strip away your right to take it. Just don’t try to force feed us belief systems that take away our freedoms. Allow democracy to flow in a civil manner and we’ll be fine.

Oh ya…and please don’t attempt to further God’s cause of bringing about Armageddon… if he’s all-powerful, I’m sure he can find a way to do it himself.

If you care to watch, here’s two minutes of Glenn Beck to help illustrate my point…