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No Apostle has ever seen Christ, had a vision, or a supernatural experience?

Youth Asks:

“What should we pray for to receive the same testimony and/or conversion that Alma the Younger experienced, for our friends who are not members?”

Elder Oaks responded:

“I’ve never had an experience like that and I don’t know anyone among the 1st Presidency or Quorum of the 12 who’ve had that kind of experience. Yet every one of us knows of a certainty the things that Alma knew. But it’s just that unless the Lord chooses to do it another way, as he sometimes does; for millions and millions of His children the testimony settles upon us gradually. Like so much dust on the windowsill or so much dew on the grass. One day you didn’t have it and another day you did, and you don’t know which day it happened. That’s the way I got my testimony. And then I knew it was true when it continued to grow.”

Dalin H. Oaks, Washington Youth Event, extracted from the audio recording (Bellevue, WA: Soundcloud, 23 January 2016), Fast Forward to 30:14.