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“[T]here is a division of responsibility in raising a family. The brethren are to provide for the family members. They have to feed them, clothe them, shelter them, educate them, send them on missions—that is very expensive; it costs a lot of money. So young men need a good education to do that, and need to be willing to hold a good job and work hard and bring home everything they make and give it to their wife. That is called sacrifice. Of course, sacrifice does not go one way; she will make a burnt offering over the stove from time to time. She also has to cook the food and wash the dishes—over and over again—and bear the children and care for them through childhood. Sisters, this does not mean that you cannot have some help from your husband. Get all that you can—insist on it—but do not expect too much because you will probably not get it.”

Hartman Rector, Jr., BYU address – Obedience Brings Happiness (Provo, UT: Brigham Young University, 31 May 1977), 1.