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“Apologists have attempted to make connections between descriptions of the things mentioned in the Book of Mormon and the Mayan culture. One is a Mayan weapon that looks like a flat cricket bat with obsidian embedded along the edge. They explain these are swords because the Book of Mormon details how Nephite/Lamanite swords were stained with blood. The Mayans apparently held the warrior in high esteem whose wooden obsidian laced weapon took on blood stains, in the wood fibers, over time. There are no descriptions in the Book of Mormon of a sword that in reality was a very nasty Mayan club. Consider the story of Ammon protecting King Lamoni’s flocks at the waters of Sebus. The Lamanites came at him with clubs, but he used a sword – a different kind of weapon – to cut off their arms. Isn’t a club a club, whether or not it is studded with obsidian? The imagery of the Book of Mormon is clearly directed toward metal, sharpened weapons with a handle, not a Mayan club with volcanic glass edges. These apologist opinions are all talk and painfully stretched speculation directed toward supporting the possibility of preconceived interpretations and conclusions.”

Tom Krause, quoted in Encyclopedia of Anti-Mormonism (West Valley City, UT: Dan Wees, July 2011), 117-118.