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“A few months ago while sitting in primary opening exercise with my grandchildren, and…

Bishop to children (holding 1 pretty gift bag and 1 plain gift bag): One of these bags has something you will really like. Which bag would you choose?

(Children choose the pretty bag.)

Bishop: Brook, will you come up and look inside the bags then tell us which one you would choose (Brook looks in both and chooses the plain one because it is full of candy.)

Bishop: Brook chose this one because she could see inside that it has candy for you and the other one is empty. She is like the prophet. He can see into the future what’s good for you and what’s not. That’s why it’s important to follow the prophet. (Bishop then shares the candy with the children)

Teacher (holding picture of Queen Elizabeth): Who is this?

Children (with prompting): Queen of England.

Teacher: How did she get to be queen?

Children: Her parents were king and queen.

Teacher: Does she make the laws? (As she emphatically nods her own head)

“Children: Yes!

Teacher: Can she make mistakes?

Children: Yes!

Teacher (holding picture of President Obama): Who is this?/How did he get to be pres?/Does he make the laws?/Can he make mistakes?

Children: President Obama/People vote for him./Yes he makes the laws./Yes! [He can make mistakes]

Teacher (Holding pic of Monson): Who is this?/How did he get to be our prophet/ Does he make the laws for the church?/Can he make mistakes?

Children: President Monson, our Prophet/ God put him there./ Yes [He makes the laws for the church.]/ NO! [He can’t make mistakes].

Teacher: Right! That’s why it is so important to follow the prophet!

Song leader: We’re going to sing Follow the Prophet. Stand up to do the movements with me.

“That evening I read one of the love scriptures from Corinthians to the children.

Me: What is that scripture about?

Grandson: Follow the prophet!

Me: No . . . let me read it again. (I read it again) What is that scripture about?

GS: Follow the prophet? (with a little less confidence)

Me: No . . . what did Jesus say is the most important commandment of all?

GS: Umm, Follow the prophet??

Me: No . . . he said the most important commandment is love. What does it mean to love?

GS: Umm, it means to follow the prophet?”


“No wonder why it is so difficult to clear years and years of brainwashing!”

S.Y., Facebook Post – 3 November 2015