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How is one led to thinking of this painting as a Pioneer Girl?

Has the church lost all of their bearings on the difficulties of a ‘pioneer?’ It’s insulting, to say the least. This painting exemplifies the white-washing of history, and the gush of kitsch toward the modern idea of progress…

“My dear sisters, I was grateful to speak with you this evening at the general women’s session…Wherever you are throughout the world, I hope that the Spirit touched you with new insights. In this painting, a pioneer girl is skipping along a bright blue path. She has endured many dark and dreary days, but she has a spring in her step and looks optimistic, happy, and hopeful. As you walk through life, I hope you will feel a spring in your step as you trust the Lord and continue on your own bright path of discipleship. Faith will lead you to open your eyes to the things Heavenly Father has in store for you. Love for God and His children will continue to brighten your path, even on dark and cloudy days.”

Dieter Uchtdorf, October 2015 General Women’s Session.