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As with facsimile #1 and #2, we see in facsimile #3 a description by Joseph Smith, Jr. which doesn’t disappoint those who have become used to his fantasies.

Egyptologist Dr. W.M. Flinders Petrie of London University wrote…

“It may be safely said that there is not one single word that is true in these [Joseph Smith’s] explanations.”

see F.S. Spalding, Joseph Smith, Jr., As A Translator (Salt Lake City, UT: The Arrow Press, 1912), 24.

Joseph Smith describes the people from left to right as follows: King Pharaoh, Abraham, Prince of Pharaoh, Shulem (waiter), and finally Olimlah (slave).

Science offers us the correct (left to right) lineup: Isis, Osiris, Ma’at, Hor, and Anubis.

The scene is a very typical one from The Breathing Permit of Hor.  It is a depiction of Ma’at and Anubis (which should have a snout/head of a jackal) leading the deceased Hor into the presence of Osiris and Isis.