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In the 1828-9 Original Manuscript, Joseph Smith (a.k.a. Nephi) announces Jerusalem’s destruction; see 1 Nephi 10:3. It then read… 

“now that after they WARE [were] destroyd” (emphasis added).

In 2018, the verse reads differently…

“That after they SHOULD BE destroyed” (emphasis added).

Ware” is also a strike through Joseph Smith made to the Printer’s Manuscript in 1836 while preparing for the next printing of the Book of Mormon; the words “SHOULD BE” are written above it.

“Were” was used in the 1830 first printed edition.

This change is significant in that Joseph originally dictated the event anachronistically in past tense, since based on a BOM timeline, Jerusalem’s destruction wouldn’t happen for about another 5-10 years.