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Did Emma Smith hold the priesthood?… Apparently, yes.

Not only that, but the highest possible order of the priesthood. On 28 September 1843, Joseph Smith recorded in his journal…

“By the common consent and unanimous voice of the council I was chosen President of the Quorum and anointed and ord[aine]d to the highest and holiest order of the priesthood (and companion [Emma] D[itt]o.).”

This entry appears in the Manuscript History, Book E-1, 1738, but the words “and anointed … companion” were canceled and not published in the History of the Church 6:39. How will the editors of the Joseph Smith Papers explain this when they publish volume 3 of the journal series? Could it be that Joseph Smith was willing to shock both Masons and Mormons by initiating women into the secret Endowment ceremony, sometimes before their husbands? William Clayton recorded on 21 December 1843…

“Females were not received when we first received the Holy order—Men apostatized, being led by their wives—if any such cases occur again—no more women will be admitted.”

~Wm. Clayton, Diary kept for H.C. Kimball~

Are women being denied the priesthood now to keep their husbands from apostatizing?

Our Mother, which art in Heaven: From Bryant S. Hinckley, Sermons and Missionary Services of Melvin J. Ballard, page 205… 

“I think the revelations which Jesus Christ gave through the Prophet Joseph Smith concerning motherhood are the greatest contribution the world has ever received on this subject; for it was, so far as I know, never taught before in the history of the world that not only have we a Father in heaven, but we have a Mother there also. No matter to what heights God has attained or may attain, he does not stand alone; for side by side with him, in all her glory, a glory like unto his, stands a companion, the Mother of his children. For as we have a Father in heaven, so also we have a Mother there, a glorified, exalted, ennobled Mother. That is a startling doctrine, I recognize, to some folk, and yet we ought to be governed by reason in giving consideration to this doctrine which is a revelation from God.”

~Dan Vogel, FB Post, 19 August 2015~