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Seventeen chapters into authoring the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith presents a tale smelling suspiciously of Noah.

Nephi climbs a mountain and God instructs him to build a ship (1 Nephi 17:8). Stating he has no way to make ‘moulton’ ‘oar’ (vs 9) using ‘bellowses’ (original spellings), Nephi makes an abrupt 180 to explain why they weren’t allowed to make fires and that God would make their raw food taste sweet to them; and that he (God) was to be their light in the wilderness – though no explanation is given as to how this miracle happens, which is itself bizarre, given the fact this must have occurred nightly. This tangent in verses 12-13 is little more than Joseph musing ‘oh ya…I’d better explain why we never brought bellowses with us before I continue.’

The young prophet also failed to explain how the company keeps warm without fire, when winter nights in Saudi Arabia dip to 45 degrees F.

see Dan Wees, The Handwritten Book of Mormon (West Valley City, UT: Self-Published, September 2017 – 4th printing), 50-51.