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“A radical self-image results from believing one can become a God.”


“This is a possibility, if that is ones desire without efforts at achieving higher morality and good works, which LDS teachings require.”


“Arrogance is actually more the norm than the exception. Surprisingly the LDS RESPONSE indicates a slight measure of concession to the CHARGE in the admission that ‘This is a possibility.’ The tendency for a person to adopt a proud or superior personality trait for themselves is quite normal, given the goal of becoming a God. A person can easily become comfortable with the notion that they have progressed further than another individual; thus being able to dismiss that person as behind in the quest for Godhood. The LDS RESPONSE assumes that the candidate for godhood fully understands a path toward humility that is not dictated (no specific directions are given, only vague suggestions). How are we able to determine the standard for “achieving higher morality and good works, which LDS teachings require” when the Mormon Church gives no such specific direction? Mormons assuming they understand the discipline required to become a God tend to get wrapped up within their personal quest for a goal that is neither practical nor achievable. There are few more dangerous teachings in Mormonism among the many incorrect doctrines of the Church.”

CHARGE and LDS RESPONSE originally online at:; REALITY from Dan Wees, Encyclopedia of Anti-Mormonism, (West Valley City, UT: Self-Published, July 2011), 67-68.