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“ ‘Mormonism be it true or false, holds out to men the greatest inducements that the human mind can grasp.’ And so it does… It teaches men that they can become divine, that man is God in embryo, that God was once man in mortality, and that the only difference between Gods, angels and men is a difference in education and development. Is such a religion to be sneered at? It teaches that the worlds on high, the stars that glitter in the blue vault of heaven, are kingdoms of God, that they were once earths like this, that they have been redeemed and glorified by the same laws, the same principles that are applied to this planet, and by which it will ascend to a perfected and glorified state. It teaches that these worlds are peopled with human beings, God’s sons and daughters, and that every husband and father, may become an Adam, and every wife and mother an Eve, to some future planet.”

Orson F. Whitney, Y.M.M.I.A. Annual Conference – “Divine Evidences of Truthfulness” – delivered 9 June 1895 (see Brian H. Stuy, Collected Discourses – Volume 4, Lehi, UT: B.H.S. Publishing, 1999 2nd edition), 336-337. Emphasis Added.