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“Some of the sectarian ministers are saying that we ‘Mormons’ are ashamed of the doctrine announced by President Brigham Young to the effect that Adam will thus be God of this world. No, friends, it is not that we are ashamed of that doctrine. If you see any change come over our countenances when this doctrine is named, it is surprise, astonishment, that anyone at all capable of grasping the largeness and extent of the universe – the grandeur of existence and the possibilities in man for growth, for progress, should be lean of intellect, should have such a paucity of understanding, as to call it in question at all. That is what our change of countenance means – not shame for the doctrine Brigham Young taught.”

B.H. Roberts, Mormon Doctrine on Deity (Salt Lake City, UT: The Deseret News, 1903), 42-43.